A WSN-Based Tool for Urban and Industrial Fire-Fighting.

A de San Bernabé, J.R. Martínez de Dios and A. Ollero. A WSN-Based Tool for Urban and Industrial Fire-Fighting. Sensors, November 2012.

This paper describes a WSN tool to increase safety in urban and industrial fire-fighting activities. Unlike most approaches, we assume that there is no preexisting WSN in the building, which involves interesting advantages but imposes some constraints. The system integrates the following functionalities: fire monitoring, firefighter monitoring and dynamic escape path guiding. It also includes a robust localization method that employs RSSI-range models dynamically trained to cope with the peculiarities of the environment. The training and application stages of the method are applied simultaneously, resulting in significant adaptability. Besides simulations and laboratory tests, a prototype of the proposed system has been validated in close-to-operational conditions.