University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb

Short description of the organisation

LARICS is a research laboratory within the Department of Control and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. LARICS research activities are in the fields of robotics, intelligent control, flexible manufacturing systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, formation control, process control, embedded systems, and industrial control systems. Two professors (S. Bogdan and Z. Kovačić) and seven Ph.D. students are currently working in LARICS. LARICS research equipment consists of laboratory models of robotized manufacturing cells (with educational and industrial robots), mobile robots, small-size UAVs (helicopter, blimp, and quadrotor). There are also a number of robotic devices built in the Lab (manipulators, a self-balancing two-wheeled robot, a hyperredundant tentacle robot, a quadruped robot, an exploration and inspection mobile robot, a mobile robot for hydrodynamic treatment).

Role in the project and main tasks

  • Fully decentralised estimation and SLAM using communication and on-board sensors.
  • Dynamic routing.
  • Distributed autonomous warehousing traffic management.
  • Summer Schools and Academic Seminars.
  • Assessment of best practices.

Relevant previous experience

LARICS has successfully conducted many R&D projects funded by industry, government or partners from both sides. Among them, a decade long collaboration with EUROIM, Vicenza, Italy has resulted in advanced control systems for palletizing robots, autonomous forklifts (single vehicle and a large group of vehicles) using dynamic routing that were tested (FAT) and installed in many European industry facilities. LARICS also developed a vision based localisation system using fiducial markers for mobile robot platforms for cleaning and space surveillance tasks. People from LARICS had active roles in organization of numerous international conferences, workshops and academic seminars.